What were classrooms like 100 years ago?

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1. Equipment and lessons

During World War One children still went to school like we do today, but the classroom equipment and lessons were very different.

A lot of the equipment we use today had not been invented yet. There were no computers or calculators and even stationery, desks and chairs were different.

2. Interactive classroom

Explore the classroom scene and click on different objects to find out more about them.

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There are eight different objects to find. You can use the question mark button in the bottom right of the picture to highlight all of the objects.

3. Then and now

A lot of the equipment we use today did not exist 100 years ago. Click on the two options to find out what modern-day equipment might be used instead.


Instead of slates and chalk, what might modern schools use to teach handwriting?

Pencil and paper

Instead of chalk and slates modern schools might use pencils and paper to teach handwriting.

Dipping pens and ink

What might modern schools use instead of jars of ink and dipping pens?

Ballpoint pens

One hundred years ago children would have to dip their pens into ink before writing. Modern pens, like ballpoint pens or markers, already have ink inside them.