Could I endure endurance?

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1. Feats of endurance

Climbing Everest, swimming the English Channel and running marathons are just some of the physical challenges we see being completed by endurance athletes. There are also an increasing number of celebrities taking on such daunting tasks, usually for charitable causes.

I have trained many celebrities to complete remarkable challenges – even those who have no experience and very little time to prepare.

But is there something special about the people who take these on? What is it that gets them through the toughest quest, and would an ordinary person be able to do it too?

2. What does it take?

Do celebrities have any particular qualities that enable them to push past their limits? Are they super human? Judge for yourself as I let you in on how the likes of Eddie Izzard and Davina McCall managed to endure tremendous challenges.

3. Could I do it?

It's not just celebrities and athletes who take on crazy feats of endurance. Ordinary people do it too. But how? It doesn't happen overnight, but proper physical training and mental preparation can get anyone to the finish line.

4. Top training tips

Do you want to get fit? Whether you want to get into endurance or just to be fit enough to endure everyday life, here are some tips for training...

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