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SMEF Data Model

15th August 2007

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The BBC has defined a Standard Media Exchange Framework (SMEFTM) to support and enable media asset management ("MAM") as an end-to-end process across its business areas, from commissioning to delivery to the home. The SMEF Data Model (SMEF-DM) provides a set of definitions for the information required in production, distribution and management of media assets, currently expressed as a data dictionary and set of Entity Relationship Diagrams.

The BBC intends to use the SMEF-DM as a means of integrating key information systems; with an appropriate systems architecture, and harmonising other related systems as appropriate to improve commonality of data. SMEF-DM will also be used to manage data definitions across media applications, and embedded metadata definitions in media formats.

SMEF-DM will evolve and grow over time, covering more of the BBC's business, and absorbing richer detail as a result of collaborative working between the SBS Solutions' Media Data Consulting (custodians of SMEF) and BBC project teams. New versions will be baselined and change will be managed through Media Data Consulting as part of the wider BBC Integration Service.

SMEF-DM has won the prestigious Royal Television Society Technology Innovations award in the Research and Development category.

SMEF-DM version 1.10 is now available.

The BBC has decided to make the SMEF Data Model available to enquirers without charge, subject to a no-signature licence incorporated in this website

Access to SMEF-DM documentation implies no liability on the BBC's part for implementations based on SMEF-DM or obligation on other parties to adhere to it. Equally, access to SMEF-DM cannot be used to imply SMEF conformance in a supplier's product.

SMEF-DM is available to enquirers without charge, subject to a no-signature licence. To read the licence and order SMEF-DM please click here.