Future Media Standards & Guidelines

Technical Standards & Guidelines

  • Audio-Video Standard

    AV standards, including links to technical information (bitrates, frame size, frame rate) for narrowband and broadband, streaming and download AV content.

  • Browser Support Standard

    Standards for browser support and testing for bbc.co.uk

  • Cookies Standard

    Standards for cookie use on bbc.co.uk.

  • CSS Standard

    Standards for use of Cascading Style Sheets on bbc.co.uk pages.

  • Database Design & Development Standards

    Standards for designing and developing live database (backed) applications for bbc.co.uk.

  • Download Standards

    Standard giving requirements for normal page weight and methods for reducing page weight. This standard also gives guidance on how to optimise pages to achieve the best possible download speeds.

  • Email Standard

    Standards for collecting collection of user email addresses and formatting, processing, delivery of email for bbc.co.uk.

  • File Extensions Standards

    Standards specifying valid file extensions served from www.bbc.co.uk and news.bbc.co.uk.

  • .htaccess Standards Restricted access - Post-NDA only

    Standards for the creation, use and maintenance of all .htaccess files on www.bbc.co.uk servers.

  • JavaScript Standard

    Summary of standards for JavaScript pages on bbc.co.uk. (Previously part of the HTML Integrity standards)

  • Mapping Guidelines

    Defines which mapping providers site producers can use on bbc.co.uk.

  • Multimedia Plug-In Content (Flash) Standards

    Standards for the use of multimedia plug-in content on bbc.co.uk, including: approved formats; advice on the choice of Flash version; requirements on the provision of alternatives to plug-in content; how to optimise, test, deliver and embed plug-in content.

  • Semantic Mark-up

    The BBC endorses the principle of separating content from presentation in web pages, using HTML as a semantic markup language.

  • Sitemaps Guide Restricted access - Post-NDA only

    This guideline document describes what sitemaps are and how they can be used to increase the speed of recognition of new content by search engines.

  • XHTML Integrity Standards

    Summary of standards for XHTML pages on BBC Online (bbc.co.uk), including: doctypes; validation; browser support; code style; scripts; CSS.

    This standard supersedes the HTML Integrity Standard.

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