Volume control


Separate volume controls should be provided for background music, ambient sounds, narrative and editorially significant sound effects.


Separate volume controls, in addition to the mute control, should be provided in settings for interactive media, such as games, to minimise the risk of sensory overload for users with audio sensitivity:

  • Users with cognitive impairments that include audio sensitivity need to be able to minimise the risk of sensory shock.
  • Users with mild to moderate hearing impairment may need to adjust different audio elements to hear the narrative speech clearly.
  • Screen reader users need to be able to hear the screen reader over the sounds within interactive media.


Information to be confirmed.


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  1. Activate a screen reader.
  2. Locate embedded media content.
  3. Verify that suitable volume controls exist and function correctly.

 Both of the following checks are true:

  • All sound can be muted independently of the screen reader;
  • Where appropriate the volume of different aspects of audio can be controlled and modified independently.