Audio conflict

Should Not

Narrative audio in games or interactive media should not talk over or conflict with native assistive technology.


In order to interact with embedded media, users need to perceive the editorial narrative and/or instructions.

If the embedded media is self-voicing content, then this should be hidden from the screen reader. If the embedded media is providing content to the screen reader, then this should not be self-voicing.

Note: Further research is currently being conducted to ascertain user preferences.


Use the starts-media-session trait to silence the audio output of assistive technology, such as VoiceOver, during a media session that should not be interrupted. For example, use this trait to silence VoiceOver speech while the user is recording audio.

This trait may not be always appropriate. Some situations may require VoiceOver speech during a media session with audio.

iOS example

var button = UIButton(type: .system)
button.accessibilityTraits |= UIAccessibilityTraitStartsMediaSession                        


Android automatically decreases the volume of playback in order to allow Talkback users to hear speech output.


Information to be confirmed.



  1. Locate media.
  2. Enable screen reader.
  3. Ensure screen reader can be heard and does not clash unnecessarily with any audio in the media.