Section 6: Fairness, Contributors and Consent

Safety and Welfare of Contributors



We should not ask contributors to expose themselves to significant health and safety risks while taking part in our output unless we have completed a BBC risk assessment form and conducted rigorous fitness and psychological checks as appropriate.

We must ensure that our contributors recognise and accept all the identified risks in writing.



We must ensure we do not encourage contributors to put themselves at risk when using recording equipment, including small cameras and mobile phones, to gather material.




We may need to take practical steps to protect international contributors or sources from repercussions within their own countries, arising from their participation in our output.  Third party websites may reproduce our content globally without our knowledge or consent.

(See Section 6 Fairness, Contributors and Consent: 6.4.10 - 6.4.12)




If any material is gathered, by us or by contributors, by recklessly or wilfully endangering anyone, the BBC may decide not to broadcast it and may take disciplinary action.  Those responsible may also be liable to prosecution.

(See Section 11 War, Terror and Emergencies: 11.4.22)


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