Section 14: Editorial Integrity and Independence from External Interests

Logos and Credits Online



Editorial references to companies or other organisations on BBC Online should not normally contain any use of their logo.  Use of commercial logos on BBC sites must be editorially justifiable.  Proposals to use commercial logos on BBC Online must be approved in advance by a senior editorial figure or, for independents, by the commissioning editor. Such approval is not required when the logo is part of a co-production credit.

(See Section 16 External Relationships and Funding: 16.4.4 - 16.4.6)


The BBC seeks to offer fair and appropriate credits on BBC Online.  We normally give production credits, credits for the supply of material by third parties, credits for some outside events and credits for some software providers.  On occasion, it may also be appropriate to credit outside information for reasons of transparency.

Any credits are given at the BBC's discretion.  In addition:

  • they should be editorially justifiable
  • they should not be unduly prominent
  • caution needs to be exercised over third party logos, which should only be used in specific circumstances
  • linking to a third party site is not acceptable as a form of credit.

Under no circumstances can we agree to an online credit as a pre-condition for the offer of free or reduced cost products or services.

(See Section 14 Editorial Integrity and Independence from External Interests 14.4.37)

(See Guidance: Credits and Logos Online)

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