Appendix 5: Editorial Integrity and Independence from External Interests for BBC Commercial Services


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  1. Commercial Funding

The strength of the BBC brand, in the UK and around the world, is based on its reputation for integrity, impartiality and independence.  These values are central to both the BBC's publicly funded and commercial services. Our audiences everywhere must be able to trust the BBC and be confident that our editorial content is not influenced by commercial interests or political pressures. It is also of key importance that all BBC commercial services and any products or programmes bearing the BBC brand or BBC programme brands do not undermine the BBC's reputation for quality and high editorial standards.

Commercial Funding

BBC commercial services are financed by a number of methods including the selling and licensing of products and services, advertising and sponsorship. It is important that none of these arrangements leads to doubts about the impartiality, integrity or independence of the BBC or its output. We should operate our Commercial Services honestly and fairly within the clear parameters of BBC core values and standards as set out in the BBC Editorial Guidelines and the BBC Fair Trading Guidelines.

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