Appendix 3: Statement of Policy on Alternative Finance

Sponsored BBC Events

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  1. Key principles for Sponsored BBC Events


The BBC mounts some concerts and other public events where the cost of mounting the event is supplemented by outside sponsorship to defray the cost to the licence fee payer. The money from the sponsor is used only for the costs of mounting the event and no sponsorship money may be used for any broadcast costs in covering the event.




BBC events which are covered on air and which take outside sponsorship include concerts by BBC orchestras, Proms in the Park, special exhibitions such as the Tomorrow's World Live Roadshow and awards ceremonies such as the ceremony for BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards. Events mounted in aid of Children in Need have also been sponsored.



Key principles for Sponsored BBC Events


The following principles apply to Sponsored BBC Events:

  • Sponsorship arrangements should not bring the BBC into disrepute and some sponsors may be unacceptable;
  • BBC broadcast events must only be sponsored by companies not directly related to the subject matter of the event or programmes connected with it;
  • The BBC must not feature the sponsor in the title of any BBC event;
  • On-air events must not accept product sponsorship;
  • Clearly separated accounts must be kept to show the distinction between event costs and broadcasting costs;
  • News and current affairs events and events based on consumer programmes dealing with a range of topics must not be sponsored;
  • Any proposal for sponsorship of a BBC event must be referred well in advance to BBC Chief Adviser Editorial Policy.



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