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Public Value Partnerships

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  1. Key principles for Public Value Partnerships


A key principle of the BBC's Charter Renewal document, Building Public Value, was that the BBC would deliver the greatest possible public value through working in partnership with others. The BBC can often inspire and motivate audiences far more powerfully if it works with others.




Good examples of this are the public value partnerships formed by BBC Orchestras based in Scotland, Wales, London and the North of England to support and help finance a range of activities including concerts, tours and education and audience development projects which stimulate interest in classical music in the community and are often featured in or used to support the creation of BBC output.  These partnerships may be formed with local authorities, government agencies, arts and cultural bodies, charitable institutions, some commercial organisations and other suitable bodies.



Key principles for Public Value Partnerships


The following principles apply to Public Value Partnerships:

  • Partnerships must not compromise the BBC's editorial values or independence. A partnership must not consist merely of the BBC covering the partner's activities or promoting their campaigns. The partner/partners need to be involved with the BBC in an activity which offers public value;
  • Any money from partners must only go into off-air activities or support material and no money from an external partner may be used for any programme costs.
  • Any BBC credits for partners must be appropriate and editorially justifiable. Any proposal to credit a third party in a partnership arrangement on air or online must be referred to the BBC's Chief Adviser Editorial Policy at an early stage, and well before any contracts are issued;

  • Though public value partnerships are often collaborations with public or not for profit organisations, commercial organisations may be involved. It is important that in the course of the partnership the BBC does not appear to endorse commercial organisations or their products or services;

The BBC should not enter into any public value partnership with:

  • political parties
  • tobacco firms or those mainly known for tobacco related products
  • organisations involved in pornography
  • alcoholic drinks manufacturers and suppliers.

The BBC should not normally enter into a partnership with a foreign government. Relationships with UK government departments, religious organisations, charities and organisations which undertake lobbying should also be treated with care to ensure BBC impartiality is not undermined.



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