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Last updated: February 2013


Editorial Guidelines Issues

This guidance note should be considered in conjunction with the following Editorial Guidelines:


  • Editorial Integrity and Independence from External Interests


See Editorial Guidelines Section 14 Editorial Integrity and Independence from Exterrnal Interests


Summary of Main Points

  • It is important that programmes consider the costs of the production and the makeover separately.


  • The BBC must always cover the full production costs of makeover programmes. In some cases the BBC may also cover the cost of the makeover itself.


  • Any proposal for a homeowner to contribute towards the cost of the materials for a makeover must be referred to Chief Adviser Editorial Policy.


  • Homeowners may contribute towards the cost of the makeover or share the cost with the BBC when they were already considering a makeover or had already instigated one. However it is essential that contributors do not pay for any production costs, and the BBC cannot under any circumstances demand a financial contribution as a pre-requisite for taking part in the programme.



  • The money that contributors to spend on work to their properties may be used to pay suppliers of materials, goods and services and construction personnel, but under no circumstances should contributors pay the programme itself. Separate and clear accounts must be kept.


  • The BBC production team may negotiate for discounts on the contributor’s behalf. It should be clear to all suppliers that there can be no promise of a credit in exchange for free or reduced costs goods or services.


  • In some cases, makeovers may be undertaken for people who are disadvantaged or for charitable causes, which rely on free or reduced cost materials and labour. These makeovers must be referred to Editorial Policy. However it is essential that, all production costs must still be met by the programme. Free or reduced cost materials and services must be donated directly to the good cause and not to the BBC.


  • Programmes should keep records of all products, materials or work provided, whether at full cost, at reduced cost or free of charge.


  • All activities must conform to the BBC’s Statement of Policy on Alternative Finance which means the BBC cannot be in direct receipt of free goods or services.


  • The BBC must retain sole editorial control of the programme. While it is entirely appropriate to consult contributors over their wishes in relation to the makeover itself, the contributor cannot influence the editorial content of the programme.


  • Members of the public may receive a considerable benefit through a makeover so it is important that programmes take steps to ensure the suitability of contributors. Family, friends or business associates of the production team or presenters must not be used, and contributors cannot capitalise on their makeover.


  • Programme makers should not undertake a makeover unless they are sure it meets planning regulations.

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