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16 October 2014
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Online Services Guidelines in Full

Editorial Integrity & Independence

Trails on for commercial products related to BBC programmes

Although we may not promote BBC related commercial products within our publicly funded online services, we may in some circumstances offer specific informational trails on These trails serve the same purpose as announcements after TV programmes.

BBC related books, recordings, DVDs, CDs and CD Roms are the type of products which may be trailed .We do not produce trails for any other type of merchandise. BBC magazines may not be trailed on

Any product which is trailed must be under the BBC's editorial control and must have been commissioned, licensed or developed directly in conjunction with the associated programme. Material which is trailed may be published by BBC Worldwide or by an outside organisation.

  • Trails must be editorially justifiable. Where there is a clear link to the editorial content of the page, there may be separate text or graphic trails on
  • Trails may only appear on the specific BBC pages supporting the relevant programmes, for a limited period of time.
  • Trails should give simple factual information without any element of hyping.
  • Trails may include a small graphic or still. They may in some cases link to a page on a commercial site where products may be purchased. Any such links must be approved by Editorial Policy.
  • Education programme support pages may have a link to pages offering BBC-related educational products for sale.
  • Non-commercial programme support material which is not designed to make a profit may be trailed on BBC sites on appropriate editorial pages. Details of the support material and how it can be obtained may be given on this page but there must be no reference to any sponsor.
  • Trails are selected at the editorial discretion of the BBC. We cannot promise or agree contractually to give a trail.
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