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16 October 2014
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Online Services Guidelines in Full

Editorial Integrity & Independence

Programme support material for makeover programmes

The BBC should never promise to feature a supplier's details online in return for getting free or reduced cost goods or services for the programme.

Makeover programmes should take care to see that only those products and services which are editorially justifiable appear in programme support material.

It may be editorially appropriate to mention a specific product or supplier details where:

  • the products are integral to creating the look of the programme
  • suppliers offer a specialist or unique service or products which are very hard to find.

For example, white goods in a kitchen should not normally be referred to. But it might be appropriate to mention specialist manufacturers of retro chrome fridges if the item is specifically about designing a retro look kitchen. It is not editorially justifiable to mention specific brands or suppliers of generic products and services.

In other cases the support material should refer to a range of comparable products. Where an online fact sheet supports a programme which sets out to review and compare a range of products, the full range of products should be mentioned in the fact sheet.

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