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16 October 2014
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Online Services Guidelines in Full

Editorial Integrity & Independence

Production credits

These are to recognise editorial or creative input. They may be for BBC staff producers and others or they may involve co-productions, joint editorial initiatives or independent productions. Credits may be for a web site designer/builder, game designer, animation/graphic designer, picture library image/still provider, text/graphics contributor or other content provider.

Credits should be editorially justifiable, non-promotional and not unduly prominent. To avoid undue prominence and a confusingly busy page, credits should not routinely sit on a top-level screen.

  • They should normally sit on a separate credit page accessed via a "credits" link on the site's home page, although not in the main navigation of the site. The number of credits listed should not normally exceed one screen.
  • The BBC will do its best to publish all credits agreed with contributors to the BBC site but this cannot be guaranteed. Publication must always be subject to the BBC's editorial control and discretion. Contributors should be made aware of this.
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