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16 October 2014
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Online Services Guidelines in Full

Editorial Integrity & Independence


The BBC's global reputation is based on its editorial integrity and independence. Our audiences need to be confident that our decisions are influenced neither by political or commercial pressures, nor by any personal interests. We must not undermine these values by any actions which could bring the BBC into disrepute. The outside activities of people working for the BBC, including presenters, must not improperly influence BBC content or corporate decision making.

The following clear principles apply to all BBC services:

  • we must not endorse or appear to endorse any other organisation, its products, activities or services
  • we should not give undue prominence to commercial products or services
  • there must be no product placement
  • we should ensure that credits are clearly editorially justified
  • we must not unduly promote BBC or BBC related commercial products and services on our public service outlets
  • there may be no sponsorship of any web page on any BBC publicly funded Internet service. Publicly funded BBC web pages may not carry advertising. The BBC's commercially funded sites may carry advertising and some limited sponsorship in accordance with the BBC's Online Guidelines: Commercial Services.

See Section 13: Editorial Integrity & Independence of the Editorial Guidelines.

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