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16 October 2014
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Online Services Guidelines in Full

Editorial Integrity & Independence

Examples of appropriate linking to external sites

US elections

Our online coverage might offer links to the official sites of the two main US political parties, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. It may be appropriate to add links to specific US newspaper sites. We should be aware of the editorial standpoint of any newspaper and aim to offer a reasonable range of editorial perspectives.

Pop star's official site

A link from content created about a pop star, for example to the star's official site, may be a useful way of offering more relevant information. Sometimes, if the home page is unduly promotional, we may wish to consider deep linking direct to the relevant editorial.

Sports tournament

It may be appropriate to link to the sites of all competitors e.g. to all Premiership football clubs. Links to sponsors' sites should be treated with caution. Links from BBC pages covering events to the main pages of the sponsor's corporate site are not acceptable although it may be acceptable for sound editorial reasons to link to specific pages run by the sponsor which give further information about the event. For more details see Section 14: External relationships - Coverage of Sponsored Sport and other outside Events.

Joint editorial Initiative

If the BBC is running a joint editorial initiative with a museum which is staging a history exhibition, it will normally be editorially justifiable to link to that museum site. But we should also consider whether there are other exhibition sites which may offer additional useful and relevant information about the same historical period or themes. For more details see Section 14: External relationships - Joint editorial initiatives on the BBC publicly funded site.

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