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16 October 2014
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Online Services Guidelines in Full

Editorial Integrity & Independence


Reasons for giving credits

The BBC seeks to offer fair and appropriate credits on its online sites. We normally give production credits, credits for the supply of material by third parties, credits for some outside events and credits for some software providers.

Our use of credits online should be consistent with the Editorial Guidelines.

Credits are given at the BBC's discretion:

  • they should be editorially justifiable
  • they should not be unduly prominent
  • caution needs to be exercised in the use of third party logos which should only be used in specific circumstances
  • linking to a third party site is not acceptable simply as a form of credit. There has to be some editorial justification for linking to any site
  • on occasion, it may be appropriate to credit outside information for reasons for transparency.

Under no circumstances can programme makers or online producers agree to a broadcast credit or an online credit as a precondition for the offer of free or reduced cost products or services.

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