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16 October 2014
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User Generated Content (Video, audio and stills contributions from members of the public in BBC News output)

Payment for material/copyright

We only pay in exceptional circumstances for such footage. Material is submitted to the BBC under published terms and conditions

These give us a free, non-exclusive licence to publish on any platform, and the person who took the footage/pictures retains copyright. However , on very rare occasions where material is particularly editorially important or unique and depicts something of great significance, we may consider making an appropriate payment. In Newsgathering ,journalists should consult their senior editor ,before entering any negotiations on payments; in English Regions referral should be made to HRLPs and through Heads of News and Current Affairs in the Nations.

Audiences should not be encouraged to think that payment is the norm, or in any way encouraged to take risks, put themselves in danger or break any laws in order to secure what they perceive to be material of high monetary value.

In return for payment we may negotiate an assignment of copywrite or exclusive rights – but bear in mind that material other than photographs may be copied and used by other news organisations under “fair dealing”.

Bear in mind also that under the standard terms the person sending in material generally retains the copyright, so they are free to give or sell their material to others. They may go on to agree an exclusive deal with another outlet, which would in effect terminate their licence to the BBC, and we would not be able to reuse the image, video or audio. We would not have to delete the archive though.


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