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16 October 2014
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User Generated Content (Video, audio and stills contributions from members of the public in BBC News output)


This guidance has been drawn up by BBC News, Nations & Regions, New Media and Editorial Policy, and is intended for newsgathering teams who receive or request photographs, video or audio from members of the public.

It is designed to be used in conjunction with our external advice for members of the public who wish to submit images and videos to the BBC.

The guidance applies to content supplied via mobile devices as well as content submitted online or through the post e.g. video cassettes

Our audiences have provided invaluable material in the immediate aftermath of very important news events. The BBC wants to encourage this relationship with the audience and greatly values the role the general public can play in our coverage. This guidance should act as a checklist for staff to ensure that all third party contributions are subject to appropriate editorial scrutiny, that requests for contributions are made responsibly and that where relevant we have obtained appropriate consents.


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