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16 October 2014
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Reporting The United Kingdom


BBC programmes and services should be relevant and appropriate for all our audiences in all parts of the United Kingdom. Audiences approach our output in different ways and with different expectations because their lives are shaped by different:

  • cultural backgrounds
  • life experiences
  • civic and political institutions.

We should respect and reflect the national and regional differences and sensitivities and report all parts of the UK accurately, consistently and fairly, avoiding stereotypes or cliches.

We should note that varying differences exist between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland which principally include:

  • the powers of their political institutions - Westminster, the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales, Northern Ireland Assembly and the London Assembly.
  • legal systems
  • education
  • crime
  • health services
  • social services
  • transport
  • local government and housing
  • environment
  • religious institutions
  • political parties
  • timing and length of school holidays
  • job titles

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