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16 October 2014
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Interactivity: Awards

Summary Guide

Before launching BBC Awards should, always read this checklist in order to ensure compliance:

  • The award must be run in a robust manner which can be held up to public scrutiny.
  • Proposals for awards must be referred to Editorial Policy at an early stage before any commitments are made.
  • A BBC Awards Approval Form must be authorised by the relevant Controller or equivalent Senior Manager.
  • If telephony is involved, a Telephony Approval Form must be submitted to the Interactive Technical Advice and Contracts Unit (ITACU) and also be authorised by a Controller or equivalent Senior Manager.

Mounting and Running the Award

  • An appropriate editorial figure must be designated as responsible for overseeing the running of the award.
  • There must be clear published terms and conditions. If the award is to be decided by a vote involving telephony, ITACU Legal and Bunsiess Affairs must be consulted. Otherwise, contact Programme Legal Advice.
  • If the winner is to be selected by judges or a judging panel, they must be issued with judging criteria, approved by Programme Legal Advice.
  • Any proposal to run an award jointly with a third party must be referred to Editorial Policy well in advance.
  • If the award involves a bursary from an outside organisation, this must be approved by Editorial Policy and the BBC Regulatory lawyers.
  • If there is any proposal to sponsor the awards ceremony, this must be referred at the earliest stage to Chief Adviser Editorial Policy. Sponsorship by commercial organisations is not permitted for BBC Awards.

If you have any doubt refer to your Senior Manager or to Editorial Policy


seful Contacts

Editorial Policy:
Natalie Christian (Senior Adviser)
Julian Coles (Senior Adviser, Online Issues)

Interactive Technical Advice and Contracts Unit (ITACU):
Claire McLaughlin (Head of ITACU)
Vikki Sumner
Simon Rose
Michaela Hamm

Legal and Business Affairs Advice:
Shelley Bradley (Programme Legal Advice)

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