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16 October 2014
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This section concerns the BBC's agreed levels of service for maintenance and support.

Only a limited number of standards are published here, with all other documents published internally. A summary of the available standards is given below, and if you would like further information on these or you require a copy please see "How to obtain further information".

Policy Statements

Version Last Updated PDF Version
03.00 01/10/2002 If you have difficulty accessing the PDF, please right click to download, and save target on your local drive.

Maintenance Policy Ref 01
There will be service level agreements (SLAs) which will set out the agreed relationship between the customer and the supplier. Performance statistics will be published to the SLA holder.

Maintenance Policy Ref 02
The BBC will maintain backups for business purposes, This will be delegated to third parties where it is part of a legal agreement.

Maintenance Policy Ref 03
Anyone with an account who will be away from the office/network for an extended period in excess of 3 months should inform the relevant User Administration.

Maintenance Policy Ref 04
Where no prior notification has been received, user accounts that remain idle for a period in excess of 3 months will be removed.

Maintenance Policy Ref 05
As part of the leavers process for staff and contractors, the manager responsible for completion of the leavers form must notify the relevant user administration of anyone with an account who is leaving, to enable the account to be cleared and closed.

Maintenance Policy Ref 06
The logon ID and server data of anyone leaving the BBC is removed after 6 weeks of inactivity. The logon ID is deactivated on day of leaving.

Technology Service Incident Classification and Communication Standard

Version Last Updated PDF Version
01.00 01/04/2011 If you have difficulty accessing the PDF, please right click to download, and save target on your local drive.

Related Policies

The following is a list of useful, related policies from other areas of DQ.

The main Delivering Quality policies always apply.

Applications Policy Ref 01
The BBC will remain fully licensed for all software.

Applications Policy Ref 02
The BBC will maintain software versions appropriate to the business need.

Applications Policy Ref 03
All developments by, and purchases from, 3rd parties must have a signed approved, legal agreement. See Law section.

Applications Policy Ref 04
Off the shelf solutions must be from the list of approved software.

Applications Policy Ref 05
Where a system is a bespoke development it must adhere to the development standards in Delivering Quality.

Applications Policy Ref 06
Integration testing must be carried out on all new applications and upgrades to existing applications.

Law Policy Ref 04
Any changes in the contractual terms between the BBC and a supplier of technology services or goods must be approved by an appropriate Legal Advisor.

Third Party and Business Partners Policies Ref 04
Where access to the BBC Network for maintenance is with third parties, there will be a formal contract and all support activities must be supported by a change request.

Summary of Internal Policies and Standards

If you need more information on any of the following, or you think you need access to specific documents, please see "How to obtain further information".

User Account Management This policy sets out standards for the deletion of user redundant user accounts, according to the Information Security Policy.
Service Level Agreements Current Services and procedures for new / updated SLAs

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