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16 October 2014
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There are a number of standards that exist, which are owned and managed by the BBC’s Legal Advisors, and access to these document is restricted.

In addition to the law policies, there are Terms of Trade documents available which cover the purchase or hire of goods, facilities, services etc by the BBC.

Policy Statements

Version Last Updated PDF Version
02.04 06/10/2008 If you have difficulty accessing the PDF, please right click to download, and save target on your local drive.
DQ Ref: law_01

NB Law Policy Ref 08 has been removed.

Law Policy Ref 01
All contracts should be approved by an appropriate legal advisor prior to development or service commencing.

Law Policy Ref 02
Any deviations from the BBC’s legal minimum terms and conditions must be approved by an appropriate legal advisor.

Law Policy Ref 03
Any changes in the contractual terms between the BBC and a supplier of technology services or goods must be approved by an appropriate Legal Advisor.

Law Policies Ref 04
Where a framework agreement is in place with a supplier the process for all assignments or orders placed under that framework must be reviewed by an appropriate legal advisor.

Law Policies Ref 05
The BBC will comply with the Data Protection Act and other legislation affecting information and security.

Law Policies Ref 06
The manager/personnel officer requesting a BBC logon-ID has checked, adequate references, and that the person has a signed contract, or if not a BBC employee that an adequate contract is in place with confidentiality clauses.

Law Policies Ref 07
The BBC must comply with the EU Procurement regulations in relation to all contracts for goods or services which are over the applicable limits.

Law Policies Ref 09
Refer to your Divisional Technology Representative any contract not compliant with Delivering Quality.

Law Policies Ref 10
Refer to your Divisional Technology Representative any proposals/contracts where the BBC does not retain the IPR in the final product.

Law Policies Ref 11
Before starting a procurement process or seeking to place a contract with another technology supplier, check if the service is already, or can be, supplied under the Technology Framework Contract with Siemens Business Services. The Contract Management team, Technology Group can help and advise on this matter.

Data Protection Act


The BBC will comply with the Data Protection Act and other legislation affecting information and security.

The following government site contains the complete copy of the public register:-

From this site you can view the current British Broadcasting Corporation Notification (formerly known as registration) held by the Data Protection Registrar. Go to the search page and enter a search for BBC on the following site:

Your contact inside the BBC is responsible for changes to the BBCs registration.

If you wish to make a subject access request, please e-mail the Data Protection-Officer: Owing to the high number of advertisments being sent to this e-mail address, all mail will be filtered. To ensure your message is delivered, please make the subject "dpa" or "DPA".

The BBC makes a charge of £10 for each subject access request.

How to Obtain Further Information and Internal Policies and Standards

Only a limited number of standards are published within this site.  If you need more information or you think you need access to specific documents, please see "How to obtain further information".

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