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16 October 2014
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Email and Internet

This section concerns the responsibilities of all staff when using the email and internet. The main principle is to safeguard the BBC network and its data.

Acceptable Use Policy is now available in the Information Security section.

Related Policies

The following is a list of useful, related policies from other areas of DQ.

The main Delivering Quality policies always apply.

Firewall Policies Ref 01
All communications through the firewall must be in an approved format.

Maintenance and Support Policies Ref 06
The logon-ID and server data of everyone leaving the BBC is removed after 6 weeks of inactivity. The logon-ID is deactivated on the day of leaving. Please see User Account Management policy.

BBCi Policies Ref 01
All mailing lists to be used on must follow the standard as described in the Mailing List Standard.

How to Obtain Further Information and Internal Policies and Standards

Only a limited number of standards are published within this site.  If you need more information or you think you need access to specific documents, please see "How to obtain further information".

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