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16 October 2014
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Domain Names

The BBC policy covers all aspects of Domain Names that fall outside of, such as registration for protection purposes, and when and if they can be used for content.

Policy Statements

Version Last Updated PDF Version
03.00 11/02/2005 If you have difficulty accessing the PDF, please right click to download, and save target on your local drive.

Please Note: Policy Statements Ref 01 - 12 have been replaced by the following.

Domain Names Policy ref 13
The Internet Domain Names Registration Policy sets out the principles and formal procedures which must be applied to all external internet domain names registered and/or used by or on behalf of the BBC whether or not they contain a BBC brand and whether or not they are used in connection with a BBC branded website

Domain Names Policy Ref 14
The Internet Domain Names Usage Policy sets out the principles and formal procedures which must be applied to all internet domain names intended for use as live websites. Only names registered in accordance with the BBC Internet Domain Names Registration Policy will be considered for use as live sites, any exceptions will be agreed by the Domain Name Manager.

Domain Names Policy Ref 15
Registering a domain.
Registration must always be made through the Domain Name Manager by completing the Domain Request Form. Once registered, domain names may only be used in connection with a live website if they accord with the Internet Domain Names Usage Policy.

Domain Names Policy Ref 16
All domain names registered through the Domain Name Manager and in accordance with the registration policy will be owned by the BBC.

Domain Names Policy Ref 17
All domain names purchased for brand protection will be centrally funded by the Domain Management Team for public service content. For non-public service content (e.g. Worldwide or other commercial ventures) the cost for registrations will be borne by the subsidiary.

Domain Names Policy Ref 18
Registration Period
The minimum period for the registration of a domain name will be two years. This will be increased if the domain has been agreed to be either a Key Brand or Landmark Series.

Domain Names Policy Ref 19
The Domain Manager will inform the requesting contact/department at least two months before the domain name renewal date to confirm re-registration. Where this is not possible Domain Manager will consult with the relevant parties on the most appropriate route for renewal or if applicable, non-renewal and subsequent deletion of a domain name.

Domain Names Policy Ref 20
Internet Domain transfers into and out of the BBC must comply with the Registration Policy.

Domain Names Policy Ref 21
Using Domain Names

Public Service Content
All BBC public content funded by the licence fee must be located on in the format[content area]. The only approved exception to this is the BBC News website which is located on:

Worldwide (Commercial Subsidiaries)
Worldwide and subsidiaries can use, for content or for re-direct, any domain name (of the format [name].com) except for the following:
• Domain Names ending in ""
• Domain Names of the format "bbc[service].xxx"

World Service
World Service will put their content onto and will market and re-direct from domain names of the format "bbc[service language].xxx"

How to Obtain Further Information and Internal Policies and Standards

Only a limited number of standards are published within this site.  If you need more information or you think you need access to specific documents, please see "How to obtain further information".

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