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16 October 2014
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This section provides the over-arching policies for broadcasting, then links to related material for radio and TV.

For information about the commissioning process, including branding and credit guidelines, see

Policy Statements

Version Last Updated PDF Version
01.01 23/08/2005 difficulty accessing the PDF, please right click to download, and save target on your local drive.

Broadcasting Policy Ref 01
The BBC will meet its statutory obligations for services that are subject to regulation by Ofcom, formerly the ITC

Broadcasting Policy Ref 02
The BBC will continue to play an active part in the development of all open standards affecting technology for the UK broadcasting industry, and additionally Europe & world-wide where appropriate.

Broadcasting Policy Ref 03
News will - as far as possible - aim to maintain the standards as detailed in the relevant documents, but may accept (or deliver) material which varies from these where the editorial importance of the content outweighs any technical shortcomings.

Broadcasting Policy Ref 04
The BBC will meet the Government’s requirements for subtitling, audio descriptive services and signing as set by Ofcom, formerly the ITC, on BBC services which are not regulated by Ofcom.

Related Policies

The following is a list of useful, related policies from other areas of DQ.

The main Delivering Quality policies always apply.

Production Policies Ref 01
There are restrictions on non-broadcast use of the radio spectrum. Consequently, all non-broadcast use of the radio spectrum must be registered.






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