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13 November 2014

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You are in: Guernsey > Nature > Nature Features > Rescued seal pup visits Guernsey

Seal Pup

The seal pup was found at Grouville

Rescued seal pup visits Guernsey

A grey seal pup that was rescued in Jersey paid a visit to the GSPCA in Guernsey on its way to a specialist centre in Norfolk.

A baby seal had to be rescued by Jersey Environment and Animal Rescue from rocks in Grouville Bay on Sunday 1 November after finding itself stranded.

There were concerns for the seal's safety after its mother was washed out to sea in a heavy swell and could not get back to reach her pup.

Seal pup

The seal pup ws found by dog walkers

The baby seal was flown to Guernsey to be looked after in the GSPCA's seal sanctuary.

It was then flown on to a specialist seal centre in Norfolk.

Gregory Guida is a Wildlife Photographer and was called by friends who saw the seal on the beach.

"When I arrived it was sitting on the beach, it didn't seem worried or anything it was just sitting there and once in a while it would lift its head, look around and then go back to sleep," Gregory said.

It was dog walkers who raised the call for help after spotting the stranded seal on the beach around lunchtime.

Volunteers came in to cordon off the beach and the Royal Jersey Golf Club in Grouville closed the fairways near the animal so its mother could have an chance to return undisturbed.

Seal pup

The seal was taken to a centre in Norfolk

However, as the mother was nowhere to be seen the decision was taken to rescue the pup and bring it to Guernsey.

Gregory is a pilot and owns his own plane, so offered to fly the seal to the sanctuary in Guernsey.

He said: "The pup had to go to Guernsey as soon as possible and because I own a small plane I offered my services.

"There were very qualified people handling this, I was just taking photos and early this morning I flew it over to Guernsey."

Grey seals regularly breed on rocks around the Channel Islands but it is rare for them to get stranded.

The seal was looked after at the GSPCA seal sanctuary until the morning of 3 November when it was flown on to a specialist centre in Norfolk. It was originally due to be flown out the day before but issues with paperwork delayed the flight.

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You are in: Guernsey > Nature > Nature Features > Rescued seal pup visits Guernsey

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