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13 November 2014

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You are in: Guernsey > People > Your Stories > A look at keeping pigs in Guernsey


Jason and Matt's herd of pigs

A look at keeping pigs in Guernsey

Matt Bateman and butcher Jason Hamon treated us to a look at their smallholding where they keep their own herd of pigs.

Matt Bateman and Jason Hamon are always trying to find ways to use local produce at their store and one idea they had to help this was to set up their own smallholding to breed pigs.

Jason originally chose pigs because, as Matt put it, there are "not many people breeding pigs" in Guernsey and "they're not too difficult to look after, just as long as you've got the time".


One of the herds larger specimens.

The pair's herd of 20 pigs take around an hour a day to look after as they need feeding in the morning and evening. Matt added that they then spend "about five hours mucking out, cleaning water troughs and things like that" at the weekend.

The pigs are of the Oxford Sandy and Black breed and have a unique colouring and are bred for meat in this case. Matt said, "My wife's not too happy with them ending up on the plate", but said he did not get so attached to them.

When starting a smallholding Matt said "research is the biggest thing" to make sure you know about the animals you are breeding or plants you are growing.

He also said that installing the infrastructure was a large cost for them initially as the pigs require pens with electric fences to stop them escaping - Matt commented, "they are quite clever" when it comes to escaping.

As well as the pigs Matt and Jason have some chickens which Matt said help get their young families involved as they are kept for eggs which their children can help collect. It also gives the children a chance to learn about where their food comes from and the basics of looking after animals in a farmyard situation.

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You are in: Guernsey > People > Your Stories > A look at keeping pigs in Guernsey

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