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13 November 2014

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You are in: Guernsey > History > Occupation > Evacuation memories

Evacuees Mina and Edward

Mina and Edward

Evacuation memories

While some people stayed in Guernsey during the Occupation others were evacuated from the island. Jim Cathcart heard the stories of some people who were sent to Glasgow.

Edward was evacuated to Glasgow in 1940 shortly before the German forces occupied the islands. He remembers going to Amherst School at five o'clock in the morning before walking down to the White Rock.

He described the trip as feeling like "a big adventure" and "I don't remember being scared".

After seeing his first train and double-decker bus in Weymouth they were sent to Glasgow where he was, a month later, reunited with the rest of his family (except for his father who had stayed in Guernsey).

Edward said: "At that age you take things in your stride" but it was still "exciting" when he found out they were coming home...

Mina was also sent to Glasgow and remembers the people there as being "kind and lovely" even though the city "frightened the life out of me" at first.

When she returned to Guernsey she found out that a German soldier helped keep her grandparents alive by taking them food from the kitchen he worked in.

She said despite not having a thing when they returned to the island she still thinks of Liberation Day as "a happy day"...

Pam remembers the evacuation as it was the first time she had seen the sunrise while she was sitting at the White Rock waiting for the boat.

After a "very rough" crossing with corned beef sandwiches, which left Pam unable to face a corned beef sandwich since, she was separated from her sister though they were eventually reunited.

On her return to Guernsey Pam didn't think she would recognise anyone, but as soon as she saw her grandfather on the quay she knew it was him. She said: "I hope Liberation Day never ever gets forgotten"...

Evacuee Brenda


Brenda said her parents only found out about the evacuation at the last minute and they were not allowed to see them off at the harbour so after leaving home for Amherst School in the morning she didn't see them for another five years.

She said, "The first people I stayed with weren't very nice to me" but her second billet was better.

When she came back to Guernsey in September 1945 she "found it hard to settle down" and that she "found Guernsey was too quiet, but I was pleased to see my parents and my little sister"...

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You are in: Guernsey > History > Occupation > Evacuation memories

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