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13 November 2014

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Local History

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Roman pot

One of the pots from the dig

Roman Archaeology

Amongst Guernsey's many 'hidden' historical artefacts are a selection of Roman items recovered from a site in La Pladerie in the mid 1980s.

States Archaeological Officer Phillip De Jersey has fond memories of the dig at La Plaiderie as it was one of his first archaeological digs in Guernsey.

Animal skull

An animal skull recovered from the site

Along with the Bonded Store La Plaiderie is one of Guernsey's major Roman sites on land and Phillip described it as "a glimpse of Roman wealth".

The site contained bronze items, jewellery, 'Household Gods' and pottery of Roman design and manufacture as well as coarser Iron Age style pottery which is thought to be locally produced.

These items are now all stored with many other archaeological items in one of the island's many archives where they are studied by local historians.

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You are in: Guernsey > History > Local History > Roman Archaeology

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