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13 November 2014

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You are in: Guernsey > History > Occupation > Bunker exploring in St Peter's

Bunker exploring in St Peter's

In December 2008 Festung Guernsey began their exploration of a bunker in St Peter's, finding some surprisingly well preserved items.

St Peter's Arsenal battery

St Peter's Arsenal battery

Set up in 2005 the Festung Guernsey group's fifth project involved exploring and restoring the battery by St Peter's Arsenal.

During their initial look around the site they discovered the shell room below the battery's main gun, had been flooded and so they set about draining it to a level where it could be explored.

Shell casings

Shell casings

Project co-ordinator Paul Bougaize said "if you don't like crawling in holes then its not for you" of the job of going into the shell room in a dry suit and searching through the "sludge" which covered the floor.

The existence of this sludge, though, led to more well preserved discoveries than are usually made as it protected the artifacts from the corrosive effects of the oxygen in the air.

Amongst the items found were machine gun cases, shell cases and drill rounds, some measuring up to a foot long.

Small ammuntion casings

Small ammuntion casings

Once the site has been cleared the group can set about restoring the bunker as Mr Bourgaize said he hopes that future generations will thank them for their work preserving this part of the island's history.

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You are in: Guernsey > History > Occupation > Bunker exploring in St Peter's

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