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13 November 2014

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Vote counting begins

Counting begins in the Sark election

Sark's new look Chief Pleas

See the results of Sark's first General Election held on Wednesday 10 December 2008.

Polls were open from 10am until 6pm on Wednesday 10 December with 412 voters making their mark with only two of those papers spoilt. This was an 87% turnout from the 474 eligible to vote.

The initial results were announced at 3.23am the next day, but with only five votes between a successful candidate and an unsuccessful candidate a recount was called.

This started at 10am on Thursday 11 December and the final result was announced at 9.25pm. 9886 votes were cast which means the average voter made use of 24 of their 28 available.

This was followed by a separate ballot to determine the length of the service of each of the conseillers, either two or four years. The number of years they are due to serve is in brackets after the number of votes received.


Voting took place in the Island Hall

Successful Candidates

Cocksedge, David Thomas 334 (2)

De Carteret, Rossford John 316 (4)

Plummer, Helen Mildred 301 (2)

Melling, David Woods 283 (2)

Magell, Helen Clair 280 (4)

Bateson, Christopher Howard 279 (2)

Dunks, Antony 267 (4)

Henry, Stephen Laurence 265 (4)

Pollard, David 262 (4)

Prevel, Andrew Charles 262 (4)

Williams, Sandra 254 (4)

Dewe, Elizabeth Mary 252 (4)

Baker, Edric 249 (2)

Williams, Paul Joseph 248 (4)

Baker, Diane 233 (2)

Dewe, Richard James 231 (4)

Armorgie, Paul Martin 229 (4)

Cook, Andrew James 228 (2)

Maitland, Charles Noel Donald 227 (4)

Perrée, Michelle Andrée 223 (2)

Nightingale, Christopher Robert 214 (2)

Guy, Janet Mary 211 (2)

Hunt, John Edward 211 (2)

Atkinson, Ann 205 (4)

Ventress, Anthony Granville 201 (2)

Gomoll, Stefan Bernd 200 (2)

Audrain, Christine Dorothy 195 (4)

Cole, Peter John 183 (2)

Unsuccessful Candidates

Carré, Philip James 179

Le Lievre, Tony Eric 178

Raymond, William George 168

Stisted, Peter Blayney 168

Cole, Bertha Helen 165

Elmont, Simon Peter 146

Southern, Bernard John 136

Delaney, Kevin Patrick 132

Couldridge, Simon Ashley 125

Tonks, Peter Francis Luce 123

Donnelly, John Trevor Greer 119

Burgess, Paul David Mitchell 117

Kemp, Roger Ian Wynne 108

Guille, Colin Francis John 105

Doyle, Belinda 97

Doyle, Michael Joseph 93

Tighe, Natalie 91

Bird, Fiona Ann 90

McCusker, Mini 90

Tonks, Cheryl Mary 85

Criak, Natalie Alexandra 82

Parsons, Daniel Walter Robert 77

Char, Kaye Jin Mee 74

Bird, David John 73

Laws, Kevin 70

Swanson, Jamie Karl John 50

Gibbins, Leigh Dianne 45

Strachey, Susan Christine 43

Dance, Javie John 14 - He had withdrawn and asked islanders not to vote for him

The new conseillers will take the Oath of Office and Oath of Allegiance on 10am Friday 9 January 2009 followed by a Special Sitting of Chief Pleas at which elections to fill places on all the Committees will be held.

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created: 11/12/2008

You are in: Guernsey > States of Guernsey > Other Islands > Sark's new look Chief Pleas

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