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13 November 2014

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Chief Pleas

Chief Pleas and Seneschal Hall

Sark Election: the candidates

In December 2008 Sark will be holding its first ever General Election and we have a full list of the candidates standing.

For the first time in the history of the island, 10 December 2008 will see Sark's residents take part in a General Election for the office of Conseillers of the Chief Pleas.

The reorganisation of the island's government sees 28 seats up for election on Chief Pleas. The nomination period closed on 26 November 2008.


Armorgie, Paul Martin - Pro: Christopher W.W. Rang, Sec: Helen Clair Magell

Atkinson, Ann - Pro: Pamela Frances De Carteret, Sec: Isabel Jean Perchard

Audrain, Christine Dorothy - Pro: Shelia Jean Guille, Sec: Betty Terry

Baker, Diane - Pro: Helen Mildred Plummer, Sec: David Pollard

Baker, Edric - Pro: John Philip Carré, Sec: Marilyn Edith Carré

Bateson, Christopher Howard - Pro: Christopher Charles Robins, Sec: June Constance Carré

Bird, David John - Pro: Colin Francis John Guille, Sec: Natalie Tighe

Bird, Fiona Ann - Pro: Philip James Carré, Sec: Kristina Southern

Burgess, Paul David Mitchell - Pro: Harry James Southern, Sec: Jonathon Ewart Shuker

Carré, Philip James - Pro: Christopher Robert Nightingale, Sec: Mary Furness Nicolle

Char, Kaye Jin Mee - Pro: Kevin Laws, Sec: Andrew Michael Leaman

Cocksedge, David Thomas - Pro: Norwyn Illtyd Evans, Sec: Christine Margaret Falle

Cole, Bertha Helen - Pro: Caroline Jane Langford, Sec: Christopher Howard Bateson

Cole, Peter John - Pro: Edric Baker, Sec: Caroline Jane Robins

Cook, Andrew James - Pro: Roy Stephen Alfred, Sec: Hazel Fry

Couldridge, Simon Ashley - Pro: Rebecca Lisa Gill, Sec: Amanda Dawn Cole

Criak, Natalie Alexandra - Pro: Rebecca Lisa Gill, Sec: Paula Victoria Williams

Dance, Javie John - Pro: Peter Francis Luce Tonks, Sec: Kristina Southern

De Carteret, Rossford John - Pro: Yvonne Wendy Archer, Sec: Suzette Philippa May Adams

Delaney, Kevin Patrick - Pro: Duncan Spence, Sec: Christopher Anthony Elgie

Dewe, Elizabeth Mary - Pro: John Edward Hunt, Sec: Joanne Godwin

Dewe, Richard James - Pro: Paul Joseph Williams, Sec: Jennifer Ann Baker

Donnelly, John Trevor Greer - Pro: Jean Lancaster, Sec: George Guille

Doyle, Belinda - Pro: Sabrina Jean Carré, Sec: Philip James Carré

Doyle, Michael Joseph - Pro: Joan Kathleen Lanyon, Sec: Jean Lancaster

Dunks, Antony - Pro: Mary Myfanwy Teer, Sec: Caroline Jane Langford

Elmont, Simon Peter - Pro: Christopher Anthony Elgie, Sec: Julie Alison Mann

Gibbins, Leigh Dianne - Pro: Tony Eric Le Lievre, Sec: Paul Martin Armorgie

Gomoll, Stefan Bernd - Pro: Paul Martin Armorgie, Sec: Stephen Laurence Henry

Guille, Colin Francis John - Pro: Philip James Carré, Sec: Keith Anthony Wakeley Guille

Guy, Janet Mary - Pro: Wendy Kiernan, Sec: Adrian Lionel Guille

Henry, Stephen Laurence - Pro: Sandra Williams, Sec: Jane Anne Armorgie

Hunt, John Edward - Pro: Caroline Jane Langford, Sec: Lisamarie Nigbur

Kemp, Roger Ian Wynne - Pro: Richard Colin Adams, Sec: Lawrence Osmond Roberts

Laws, Kevin - Pro: Natalie Alexandra Criak, Sec: Barbara Katharine Fleming

Le Lievre, Tony Eric - Pro: Edric Baker, Sec: Christopher W.W. Rang

Magell, Helen Clair - Pro: Stephanie Louise Guille, Sec: Samantha Kim Hodge

Maitland, Charles Noel Donald - Pro: Diana Mary Beaumont, Sec: Adrian Lionel Guille

McCusker, Mini - Pro: Jennifer Frances Baker, Sec: Natalie Tighe

Melling, David Woods - Pro: Roger Edmund Olsen, Sec: Peter Gabriel Byrne

Nightingale, Christopher Robert - Pro: Isabel Jackson Jennifer, Sec: Ann Baker

Parsons, Daniel Walter Robert - Pro: Paul Martin Armorgie, Sec: Peter Francis Luce Tonks

Perrée, Michelle Andrée - Pro: Aaron John Henry Leaman, Sec: Benjamin Philip John Perrée

Plummer, Helen Mildred - Pro: Elsie Grace Courtney, Sec: Caroline Jane Robins

Pollard, David - Pro: John Edward Hunt, Sec: Elizabeth Ruth Elmont

Prevel, Andrew Charles - Pro: Simon Francis Adams, Sec: Rosemary Aldridge

Raymond, William George - Pro: Adrian Lionel Guille, Sec: Rosanne Esmee Byrne

Southern, Bernard John - Pro: Lorraine Southern, Sec: Margaret Toms

Stisted, Peter Blayney - Pro: Wendy Kiernan, Sec: Andrew James Cook

Strachey, Susan Christine - Pro: Basil Frank Adams, Sec: Keith Anthony Wakeley Guille

Swanson, Jamie Karl John - Pro: Charles Timothy Cowell, Sec: Alfia Dance

Tighe, Natalie - Pro: Terry Crowther, Dec: Natasha Carré

Tonks, Cheryl Mary - Pro: Veronica Joan Stokes, Sec: John Edward Hunt

Tonks, Peter Francis Luce - Pro: Phyllis Rang, Sec: Theodor Wilhelm Werner Rang

Ventress, Anthony Granville - Pro: Christine Elizabeth Davies, Sec: Curtis Hazel Gill

Williams, Paul Joseph - Pro: Linda Williams, Sec: Jane Denize Henry

Williams, Sandra - Pro: Stephen Lawrence Henry, Sec: Robert Cleghorn Robb

Pro - Proposed by...
Sec - Seconded by...

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created: 18/11/2008

You are in: Guernsey > States of Guernsey > Other Islands > Sark Election: the candidates

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