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13 November 2014

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The plaque on G.B. Edwards former home

The plaque on G.B. Edwards former home

A plaque for G.B. Edwards

Guernsey's first 'blue plaque' was placed in September 2008 to mark the home of author G.B. Edwards.

Up and down the British Isles, and in some other places around the world, some locations are marked with blue plaques showing that a figure of historical significance once lived there.

In September 2008 Guernsey gained its first plaque, placed by the Guernsey Arts Commission on the former home of author G.B. Edwards.

G.B. Edwards blue plaque

G.B. Edwards blue plaque

Located on Braye Road, Edwards lived in the house for the first 17 years of his life, from 1899 until 1916. Although it was after this he became famous it was his formative years in Guernsey that inspired his novel The Book of Ebenezer Le Page.

It tells the fictional life story of a supposedly typical Guernsey man in a mix of English, Guernsey French and local slang. It was serialised for Radio 4 and adapted for the stage with both productions starring Guernsey born actor Roy Dotrice as Ebenezer.

Jane Moss of the Arts Commission said that Edwards "never got the recognition he deserved" during his lifetime, and that giving him Guernsey's first blue plaque was a way of setting that right.

Jane said that while the book was popular on its initial publication in 1981 it saw something of a resurgence in 2007 after it was republished in America and that though it is "celebrated around the world it never gets the attention it deserves in Guernsey".

The owner of Hawkesbury House in 2008, Mr Smith, said that he did not know it had been home to the author before he was approached about the plaque, but he said he was happy to find out as "it adds to the heritage and character" of the building.

With the first plaque laid the Guernsey Arts Commission hope to place more at significant sites around the island and are looking for suggestions for people who should be commemorated in this way.

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created: 14/10/2008

You are in: Guernsey > Places > Places Features > A plaque for G.B. Edwards

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