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13 November 2014

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Election 2008

You are in: Guernsey > States of Guernsey > Election 2008 > John Gollop

John Gollop

John Gollop is a candidate standing for election in the St Peter Port North district.

John Gollop

John Gollop.

Being there for you:

About Me

Committed, Professional, Analytical politician; Town Deputy since 1997. Served on 10 States Committees. Interested in arts, media, video, spirituality, walks and restaurants. WLTM electors with any questions.

My Caring Approach:

I think St. Peter Port (North) needs another good Community Deputy, and grassroots worker for the resident's needs. I will hold surgeries, fight for parking, and support Disabled action. I walk the talk around Town everyday.

My Positive Attitude:

I have asked more questions on the record than any other States of Guernsey member. I am prepared to scrutinize, amend and reject any spin. I attend many events to understand your concerns. I support Open-ness and Freedom of Information.

Your Aspirations:

I will ensure that Guernsey conserves what is special pa, but evolves essential legislation and culture:

  1. We must have a discrimination free society
  2. We must empower local people to get good jobs
  3. We must ensure everybody gets qualifications
  4. We must install law-abiding values for youth
  5. The States of Guernsey must develop a Family Plan which embodies loving values by encouraging people to get together, and can afford to have children when they want.

My Ambitions for the Future:

I would like to mature into a Ministerial position and would be an innovative policy driver in any Department. I believe I have demonstrated consistency, commitment and communication skills in short supply. I can engage with the media and public from a unique perspective:

  • I would deliver on more property renewal and change the Housing Laws to be fairer and more business friendly, at Housing.
  • Culture and Leisure would have a stronger profile as our unique identity and soul.
  • At Commerce & Employment I would actively seek the right new industries and entrepreneurs for us.


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created: 11/04/2008

You are in: Guernsey > States of Guernsey > Election 2008 > John Gollop

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