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13 November 2014

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Walks in Guernsey

You are in: Guernsey > Nature > Walks in Guernsey > Saumarez Nature Trail walk

Saumarez Bridge at Cobo

The bridge on Route De Carteret.

Saumarez Nature Trail walk

Eddie Parks headed off from Saumarez Park for this weeks walk down towards Cobo.

The start of this weeks walk is a bit different to usual as you can start from a few different points, either the front or back car park of Saumarez Park.

From there you head towards the field that is used for parking in summer show season around which runs a usually well kept track that heads down towards Cobo.

Part of the Saumarez Nature Trail

Part of the Saumarez Nature Trail.

Along the walk you will encounter the Ozanne Tower which is fenced of for safety reasons as well as several small 'forests' of densely packed trees.

Eddie marked the half way point of his walk as he came to the Route De Carteret where there is a bridge crossing the road, supposedly built to allow children from the manor house in Saumarez Park to walk to Cobo without having to cross the road.

While Eddie made his about turn here you can continue across the road and follow the path as far as Cobo Bay.

On the return leg of the walk the path splits so you can take a slightly different route back up to Saumarez Park.

While there is a clearly marked path around the whole walk there are also many areas that can be explored 'off the beaten track'.

Map courtesy Coast Media, p.8 Perry's Guide

Map courtesy Coast Media, p.8 Perry's Guide.


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You are in: Guernsey > Nature > Walks in Guernsey > Saumarez Nature Trail walk

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