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13 November 2014

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Walks in Guernsey

You are in: Guernsey > Nature > Walks in Guernsey > Talbot Valley

Talbots Valley from Les Vallees

Talbots Valley from Les Vallees.

Talbot Valley

After taking a walk around Lihou last week Eddie went inland to the Talbot Valley and the Ron Short Walk.

The walk starts in the car park at the 'top' of the Ron Short Walk at the south eastern end of the valley.

Guernsey Cow

A Guernsey Cow.

From there you can either head up the hill or up the steps depending which way you want to do the walk, Eddie decided to start off up the steps which lead up to a field of Guernsey cows.

This path then heads along the top of the ridge above the road through a nature reserve area which, despite its proximity to the road, is quiet and feels very isolated.

Further along the path you will go through a small forest before heading back down to the road. At the bottom of the road you head right up Les Petites Vallees after passing a field of daffodils.

Field of daffodils

A field of daffodils.

At the top of the hill head right along Les Vallees and then for the final part of the walk take another right down a footpath which will lead you back to the car park and starting point.

Perry's Guide p23, courtesy of Coast Media.

Perry's Guide p23, courtesy of Coast Media.


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You are in: Guernsey > Nature > Walks in Guernsey > Talbot Valley

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