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28 October 2014

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Marie De Garis

Marie De Garis at home

Old Guernsey Christmas

BBC Guernsey's Kay Langlois spoke to local author Marie De Garis about what Christmas was like in Guernsey in days gone by.

Today buying presents for Christmas is all about computer games, digitally recorded CDs and fibre optic Christmas lights. But it was very different in days gone by.

Marie de Garis is now 97 years old - she has written books about Guernsey folklore, Guernsey history and the Guernsey French dictionary which is still used today. Kay Langlois went to meet Marie at her St Peter's home to find out how Christmas was in Guernsey when she was a child, and how Guernsey people used celebrate in the traditional way.

Kay also took along her father Charles - a fishmonger in the market for fifty years, so they could remember how the market halls used to look in the festive season too. First Mrs de Garis talked about the connection between Father Christmas and the Hanois Lighthouse....

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You are in: Guernsey > People > Your Stories > Old Guernsey Christmas

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