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13 November 2014

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About Rhodes

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Building site in Rhodes.

A building site in Rhodes.

Alex's Blog - Day 3

After three days in Rhodes Alex South is less than impressed with the state of many of the islands features.

It's a fact that more tourists come to Rhodes than any other Greek island. This summer alone more than 500,000 thousand holiday makers from all over the world will pass through customs. But I have to ask why?

This is my first visit to the island and although I've been impressed by the hospitality of the locals, the island resembles (much like the arenas for the Island Games) a dusty building site. There are some beautiful parts of Rhodes, which is five times bigger than Guernsey, but at almost every turn there is an unfinished building or road bringing the area down.

Rhodes hasn't impressed Alex South.

Rhodes hasn't impressed Alex South.

As I've already mentioned I'm sure the guaranteed sun plays a massive part in the holiday maker's choice. The island receives less than 4mm of rain in the months of June through to August and temperatures average 34 Degrees Celsius for the same period.

The hotel the Guernsey athletes are staying in is just 4km's away from the resort of Falaraki, who's reputation has taken a pounding in recent years after becoming a hunting ground for the 18-30 crowd.

To my surprise the games are yet to rouse the interest of the locals who all seem far to busy working exceptionally hard to keep the tourists happy.

Tourism is the number one industry here and if it declined like Guernsey's has in recent times then there really isn't much here, well apart from the myriad of unfinished building sites of course… a decent building contractor could really clean up.

The games are just 2 days away but the island is yet to really impress.

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created: 28/06/2007

You are in: Guernsey > Island Games > Island Games 2007 > About Rhodes > Alex's Blog - Day 3

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