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13 November 2014

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Unfinished Rhodes athletics track.

Unfinished Rhodes athletics track.

Alex's Blog - Day 2

BBC Guernsey's Alex South has been on a tour of some of the sites where Island Games events will be taking place, and he hasn't been impressed by some of them.

Sport and building sites don't often go together, but in Rhodes this doesn't seem to be the case. Out of the fifteen venues I've visited more than half are not finished, but according to the games organisers that's just the way it is in Greece.

Pandelis Georgakis.

Pandelis Georgakis.

An interesting chat with Pandelis Georgakis, the games organiser, revealed that work on the athletics arena (still not finished) only started 5 months ago and it will be ready in three days. This is despite Rhodes knowing they were going to hold the games more than 4 years ago, but getting ahead of the game just wouldn't be Greek.

If this was Guernsey hosting the games, it would be a scandal, here the local press hasn't even mentioned it.

One of the oldest civilisations in the world, the people that gave us philosophy, just can't seem to plan in advance. Why is this? Is it the heat? Simply just the way things work? Or is it just that no one seems to be able to build any sporting arena in the 21st century without going over budget and finishing late.

Look at Wembley stadium! All I can say is thank the lord the English FA didn't win the race for the 2006 world cup seeing it only opened its turnstiles a few months ago. We also shouldn't forget the Athens Olympics, when its own stadium for the 2004 games resembled another building site.

Despite the assurances from the games organisers that everything will be finished by Saturday, I'm not so sure. Their confidence is admirable but I can just see seats still being screwed in as the Guernsey athletes enter the stadium in three days time. I'm sure it won't take anything away from the games, as they say it'll be alright on the night… well sort of.

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You are in: Guernsey > Island Games > Island Games 2007 > About Rhodes > Alex's Blog - Day 2

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