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13 November 2014

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IG07 Sports

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Football at 2005 Shetland Island Games

Football at 2005 Shetland Island Games.


It's the biggest multi-cultural sport. It's a fact - FIFA has more member countries than the United Nations!

Football was first organised in England in the 1800s. The word "soccer" came from the well bred Oxford students of the 1880s; it seems it was the practice to abbreviate words whilst adding "er" to the end.

The World Cup, held every four years, is the most-watched sports event on Earth. There are more member-countries of FIFA, the sport's governing body, than there are in the United Nations.

The rules of the game we know today are due to the young men at England's schools and universities in the mid nineteenth century. They produced the codes of rules that were necessary before two teams could compete on equal terms.

If a player caught the ball, he could run with it until tripped or hacked to the ground; "hacking" was a sharp kick to the shins. If the ball was on the ground, both sets of players would form a scrum round the ball and attempt to move it forwards.

Artificial Pitch at Koskinou Stadium

Artificial Pitch at Koskinou Stadium.

The public schools took the lead in writing down the rules of the game for others to follow. However, each school had different ideas on the size of the pitch, the size and shape of the ball, how much handling was allowed, and whether or not hacking was permitted.

There were no off-side rules, so players known as "kick-throughs" were positioned permanently in the opponents' half. There was no limit on team size, and whatever size or shape of ball that happened to be handy was used. Referees were unnecessary, as the two captains would settle any dispute.

It was the eventual merger of the rules of Sheffield and the Football Association in 1878 that provided the platform for the growth of the game world-wide.

In Rhodes

Football is the most popular sport in the island, with 48 local Football Clubs athletes. During the last few years women's football has been growing making huge progress in the National League.

The Local Football Association, together with the Local Referees Association have many years of experience in organising Football tournaments, as well as several friendly games for the Greek National Team.

Due to the large numbers of islands who have decided to send a team there is a lot of demand on the pitches.

So that teams will all play under the same conditions throughout the tournament Rhodes have was decided that all Men's games will be played on natural grass fields and all Women's matches will be played on artificial grass fields.

As Guernsey is only sending a Women's team they will play on the artificial pitches.

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You are in: Guernsey > Island Games > Island Games 2007 > IG07 Sports > Football

Island Games 2009 in Aland

Jersey 24 37 19
Guernsey 21 12 27
Sark 0 2 0
Alderney 0 0 0
Faroe 34 23 24
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