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17 September 2014
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IG07 Sports

You are in: Guernsey > Island Games > Island Games 2007 > IG07 Sports > Athletics

Athletics: 5000m at the 2005 Island Games

5000m at the 2005 Island Games.


The oldest organised sport can be split into four activities – running and walking (track), and throwing and jumping (field).

Nearly 4,000 years ago, sport was played at the festival of Lugnasad or the Tailteann Games in Ireland. Events included running, pole vault, hammer throwing, horse races and chariot races.

Athletics featured prominently in the Olympic Games - the earliest recorded were in Ancient Greece in 776 BC. They were held for around a thousand years before being abolished by a Roman Emperor who didn't like 'pagan' festivals.

Athletics in Shetland 2005 Games

Guernsey won 7 Golds, 1 Silver & 2 Bronze in 2005.

The original Olympics consisted only of a 200m sprint and lasted just a day. In later years the 400m race was added and then another over 4,800m. After about a century, other events were added, including long jump and throwing competitions.

Many modern athletic events originate from this era. The javelin can be traced back to Greek soldiers who spent hours practicing their spear-throwing skills.

In 490 BC, the Greek army won a battle at Marathon and sent a runner 25 miles to Athens to spread the good news. According to legend, the messenger shouted "Rejoice! We conquer!" and then dropped dead. The first modern Olympics in 1896 included a marathon in his honour.

In Rhodes

The sport of Athletics has had roots on the island since ancient times. It is a very popular sport and they have many athletes who participate in international events, the Olympic Games and the IAAF World Championships.

Athletics at Kalipatira Sports Complex

Kalipatira in 2006 before the renovation work.

The athletic events will be hosted in the newly constructed, 400m 8 lane, Track and Field of the Kalipatira Sports Complex. It was one of the 2004 Special Olympics training facilities.

The half marathon will be held in the City of Rhodes starting from the Ancient Stadium where the opening ceremony will be held.

Athletics Records after the 2005 Games

Event - Record Holder - Island - Year


100m 10.60 Gordon Crowe Isle of Man 1989
200m 21.31 Mattias Sunneborn Gotland 1999
400m 47.79 Dale Garland Guernsey 2003
800m 1.50.37 Michael Guegan Jersey 1993
1500m 3.51.38 Lee Merrien Guernsey 2003
5000m 14.38.69 Mikael Nordblom Aland 1991
10000m 30.17.32 Kim Godtfredsen Greenland 1997
110m Hurdles 14.65 Dale Garland Guernsey 2005
400m Hurdles 51.27 Dale Garland Guernsey 2003
10,000m Walk 45.06.00 Steve Partington Isle of Man 1985
3000m S/Chase 8.57.46 Mikael Nordblom Aland 1991

Long Jump 7.73 Mattias Sunneborn Gotland 1993
High Jump 2.13 Martin Aram Isle of Man 2003
Triple Jump 15.28 Urmas Treiel Saaremaa 1993
Pole Vault 4.62 Bo Jacobsson Gotland 1999

Javelin 59.46 Andrew Martch Isle of Wight 1993
Discus 49.22 Goran Eklund Aland 1993
Shot Putt 16.21 Ove Lehto Aland 1997
Hammer 68.17 Andy Frost Isle of Wight 2005

4 x 100m Relay 42.00 Guernsey 2003
4 x 400m Relay 3.18.67 Rhodes 1999
Half Marathon 1hr.07.54 Richard Large Isle of Wight 1991
Marathon (only 1989) 2hr.35.55 Absalon Hansen Faroe Is 1989


100m 12.02 Kelly Southerton Isle of Wight 1997
200m 23.73 Cydonie Mothersill Cayman 1999
400m 55.10 Julie Moore Isle of Man 1995
800m 2.14.13 Claire Wilson Shetland 2005
1500m 4.28.17 Ann-Catrin Nordman Aland 1991
3000m 9.34.77 Brenda Walker Isle of Man 1991
5000m 17.46.82 Jackie Ashman Isle of Man 2001
10000m 36.11.68 Ann-Catrin Nordman Aland 1997
3000m Walk 15.23.00 Joanne Clarke Isle of Man 1987
100m Hurdles 14.39 Kelly Southerton Isle of Wight 1997
400m Hurdles 1.00.72 Diana Lindqvist Aland 1991

Long Jump 5.84 Kelly Southerton Isle of Wight 1997
High Jump 1.75 Diana Lindqvist Aland 2003
Triple Jump 12.11 Kalliopi Neski Rhodes 1999

Shot Putt 12.86 Virge Treiel Saaremaa 1997
Discus 43.40 Linda Liljeroos Aland 1993
Javelin 50.84 Linda Lindqvist Aland 1997
Hammer 45.04 Amy Church Isle of Wight 2005

4 x 100m Relay 47.60 Cayman 1999
4 x 400m Relay 3.54.60 Cayman 1999
Half Marathon 1hr.13.35 Brenda Walker Isle of Man 1991
Marathon 3hr.23.42 Ann Gomer Isle of Man 1989

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created: 30/03/2007

You are in: Guernsey > Island Games > Island Games 2007 > IG07 Sports > Athletics

Island Games 2009 in Aland

Jersey 24 37 19
Guernsey 21 12 27
Sark 0 2 0
Alderney 0 0 0
Faroe 34 23 24
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