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24 September 2014

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You are in: Guernsey > People > Guernsey French > Parts 1 to 10 > Guernsey French Part 4

Pancake ingredients

Tchiqu'i'faut pour faire des crepes?

Guernsey French Part 4

Listen and learn Patois with the BBC and local language expert Hazel Tomlinson. Just click on the link on the right.

It's your chance to learn Guernsey French.

If you want to try your hand at speaking Patois then either use the phonetic spelling below or listen and repeat via the link on the right.

The format for the sayings are as following:

Written in Patois
Phonetic spelling
In English

Cor chapin, i plleut ogniet!
(Cor shapan, ee pyur onyeh!)
Good gracious, it's raining today!

Vère dja, i plleut a vaerse!
(Vair dja, ee pyur a varse!)
Oh yes, it's pouring.

Mardi, ch'tait Mardi Gras, -le jour des crêpes.
(Mahr-dee, shteh mahr-dee grah, -leh zhoor day krayp)
Tuesday, it was Shrove Tuesday, -pancake day.

Vère, fites-ous des crêpes, ciz vous?
(Vair, feet-oo day krayp, see voo?)
Yes, did you make pancakes, at your house?

Oui dja, les enfànts les oïment en amas.
(Wee dja, layz efang layz oym en amah)
Oh yes, (certainly), the children like them a lot. (-love them).

Tchiqu'i'faut pour faire des crêpes?
(Cheek ee fow poor fair day krayp)
What is needed to make pancakes. (What do you need-)

I faut d'la fyeur, du lait, en oeu et aen p'ti d'sail.
(Ee fow dla fyuhr, du leh, en er eh a pteed sile)
You need some flour, some milk, an egg and a little salt.

Et i faut d'la graisse dans la pêle pour les fricachier.
(Eh ee fow dla grace doh la payl poor lay free-kash-ee-yeh)
And you need some fat in the frying pan to fry them.

I saont raide bouannes dauve du chucre et du limaon.
(Ee san red bwohn dohv du shuk eh du limang)
They are very (rather) good with sugar and lemon.

Cor! Tout chéna me fait aver fôim! Buon appétit!
(Cor! Too shena meh feh aveh foy! Bwon apaytee!)
Cor! All that makes me feel hungry! Enjoy!

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created: 11/02/2005

You are in: Guernsey > People > Guernsey French > Parts 1 to 10 > Guernsey French Part 4

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