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28 October 2014

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Free Stagge
Vale Earth Fair Free Stage.

Edith's Head

By Brett Stewart
A Guernsey band with a long history and plenty of songs to choose from.

Errol Groves - Percussion, Bongos, Shakers
Colin Falla - Keyboards, Sax, Flute, Backing vox
Sue George - Bass ,Lead vocals
Martin Purvis - Guitars, Sounds
Brett Stewart - Drums, Backing vox

Their style is free jazz/world/avant-rock.

Edith's Head have been subverting musical trends in the Channel Islands for some years now.

Just listening to one of the works can conjur up any number of musical and artistic references.

Followers of Stereolab, Tortoise, Can, Cocteau Twins, Sonic Youth and PJ Harvey would find much here to feast on.

Live sets have veered from train-like rhythmic tightness to skwaling bursts of punk/free jazz.

Another thing that Ediths Head insist on is original material, these guys can choose any song from thier 50 song strong back catolouge, although their aim is to keep new material at the forefront of their set.

Expect brilliantly original lyrics and a live set not to be forgotten.


F**k Me Now, Dub Ending, No.5,Hot Sun/Warm Rain, She's Gone, How Can I Love You More When I've Given You Everything I've Ever Had, A Song For Creatures That Cannot Fly, Chein!, American Night, Fans (plus lots more)

Did you see Edith's Head on the Free Stage at the Vale Earth Fair 2004? What do you think?

Your Comments...

vef 05 no head ????????????

Slackest band!!!??? How dare you! We've played 3 times in the last 9, yeah okay you may have a point.

Great Sue, Brilliant, when's your next gig? Bet you don't know 'cause it's not set up? Admit it the Head are the slackest band in the island re.' gigging. Answer me that.

I don't understand why everyone is so excited. There's much more to come.We, the band are only just at it. Mere foreplay. Once Martin stops busting his strings we;ll be be up & . In ecstatic sound ploughed drills ,shaking the earth.

Johnny Foreigner
What is this Edith Head? I am thinking that maybe I should be afraid, it may be wise yes? We av not this kind of crazy music where i am coming from. Is they like the Frankie Zappa?

stella arthouse
The Head seem to be on the verge of something. What? We don't know! Yet we do catch a glimpse, occasionally, behind the sheer veil of sublime brood-music currently being peddled by the collective. Why do they not surrender to the pull? Are they scared, or simply waiting? The tension underpinning their sound is palpable; I like this and feel it, just like they do. However, I can't help but wish that they would give in, give in to the sonic gravity that threatens to critically alter their trajectory and send them carearing off into a new, and as yet, uncharted territory. We wait - baited!

the end the end
yes yes whatanabe you make a good point. but alas the head seem reluctant to venture forth more often. i can't help but wonder if their 'veteran status' is catching up with them - hairlines, waistlines and wrinklelines ain't what they used to be. apart from the colin who still looks devine

green chimney
......and then they played again, their excentric eclectic electric sounds. The polyrythmns on the new 'Sun Comes Out'(?) song, the terrifying commitment to free improvisation and the pure pop thrill of 'Let Go'. Magic!...when will they play again, that can't be it for '05. There's not even a CD to be had apparently

Swimming Paul
The Head in the day time!? Who's decision was this? Outrageous.Cracking rendition of 'Sun Comes Out' though :)

To 'the end the end', in the Heads defence I have never seen a band at their best at an Earth Fair related out-door gig.I saw 12 Stone Toddler at the Fermain Tavern the previous Saturday and I utterly loved them but I thought they sounded flat and uninspired on Liberation Day.A number of factors contributed to this, not least a so-so sound, lack of intimacy with the audience (which Edith's Head in particular thrive on) and having played myself in these kind of gigs before the band have no time to get a truly decent 'on stage' sound.I dont enjoy the Head as much when they are given the out door rock treatment.Looking forward to seeing this lot back in a decent venue where they have space to breathe their sound.Sacred Hearts also suffered the same problems despite being having more straight forward rock approach.Out door gigs are fun, sure, but you'll be hard pushed to find any band in their element.

Career In Plastics
Awesome on Lib Day, bizarrely reminded of Fugazi at times.

the end the end
After yesterday's performance I feel let down. Like the Guernsey Postal system, they failed to deliver

Brett Stewart
I did though.

Martin Purvis
I did not write this

Email any questions regarding the band to

Miss G-Vious I believe Steve (in the post below yours) has the information your were looking for!? I was sneaking aroung their rehearsal shed last night they sounded on form! From what I gather the set will be a mix of reworked and revamped Head classics along with their new sex-funk direction.I'm going to buy them beers.

Miss G-Vious
So.. when are they playing?!

Head are on 7pm Lib day to the Crown Pier. Why they're not headlining??????? Up to that strange earthfair lot I s'pose Emma's up for meeting u there Danny 4 their set?

Oi re:publican get off me!

re re:publican. Get off the fence. These are not fence sitting times, this is not A fence sitting band.

Dont know what to make of this.

Joking aside, that band is awesome. Should be outlawed. They'd go down great in Belfast. & Paris.

Jazz Wig
I hate Liberation Day as a rule.But not so much now I've heard the Head are back in town.


I Spy
Hawksmoor, your prayers shall be answered! A mate of mine shall we say, over heard a memeber of the band who shall remain nameless (Martin) mentioning the gig in an over crowded swimming pool last week.The Head are set to introduce some new numbers that are guarenteed to turn our minds to spazzy plastic.(Martin) went on to say that Errols car was nicer than the last one he had.Although I dont think that has much to do with anything.They will surely be the highlight of the day.I'll keep you updated on any developments that come my way.Bye.

Rumour is that the mighty Head will be performing at this years Liberation gig.I cant wait!The best news I've heard all year! Tell me it's true and not just a dream?

Colin Fan
How do i get my hands on Colins face?

That guitarist is just like the Johnny Greenwood from the Radiohead, and the bongo man is like the Andy Kaufman and the singer is like the chrissie hynde from the the pretenders and the drummer is like the 90's with the haricut and the t-shirts and the breakbeasts

Where do i get my hands on a t-shirt with my face on it!?

I was by the tower for a time Emma but I'm sure I didn't have a Colin tee shirt.

The Mass Debater
What can i say? Gimmie head!

Reindeer 3
Rumours are abound that band intend to restart work on their as yet to be played live meisterwerk 'Constructing The Universe'.All music past ,present and future will be judged against this acid drenched monolith of twisted krautrock.

Agnes Moore
I velly happy you getting back on track Res.I couldnt stan anymore talk of alien probing.And your new flends are velly strangely odd balls.I rike the sounding of Ediths Head.Do they pray often?

I wasn't demanding tissues Danny,I just asked?Were you trying to stand by the sound tower wearing denims & a Colin T shirt?

Les Moore
Their sound envelops me in sensations I havent felt since Agnes disappeared from the scene. When will they come play up in Staffordshire.

Percy Flamethrower
Their new tune 'Rockets With Love' is the ultimate in hard assed NY underground disco/funk.Think Talking Heads having it out with a delinquent Public Image Ltd the night before the end of the world.

Rumour is they're playing the Parrot soon Emma.Were you the one with the cider demanding tissues?

I prefer their earlier funnier songs.

Andrew Morton
Cracking band, although i cant get Bowmans outrageously ugly face out of my mind.

When,where are they playing next? This wait is too long,can't stand it,just let me know. Surely,please?????

the trappist monkey
It's voodoo i tell you, VOODOO!

The Head, should be a drive in theme park with fountains.

They attacked the audience with kidnapper chic.miss them at your peril.

Rick Danko
That's one messed up drummer!

Two words = awesome!

green chimney
was dragged out to see them over the vef weekend. they are never going attract mass aclaim but blimey if you like music rather than all the periferal stuff then ediths your man. the blindos event even convinced me to go for the first time to the vef - god its horrible - their sound did blow about a bit but they had set my head alight on the sat night and they did it again. appartently theve been playing 10years, an old wag in the audience said if i thought that set was good i ought to hear their song "valium holiday" the ultimate in "amoral deliquency" apparently i call it alchemy

Martin's guitar assault is Fffffin. amazefull,raw like skinned yanks,subtle as a feather loaded with semtex.

Has Errol been putting up glowing comments under a multitude of other names or what? They are quite brilliant though.

Sir Grelb Smymes-Staines-Chessington-Pontins
Where was the percussionists much anticipated glitchcore laptop set:"Error Grooves"?

i saw the keyboard player in the Co-op the other day.I didnt dare speak to him but he was buying bread and a can of fizzy pop.

Johnny Logan
I wish I was in Ediths Head...

After witnessing these guys i learnt to love again.Why oh why werent they headlining the mainstage?

Rodney Blackstock
They stink of raw jazz

maggie's pharmacist
like rice crispies they are a national treasure.

So good I wet my pants & I wasn't queuing for the loo.

Sir Cheb Sh-Kneemetaltastic
Their backstage rider boasted a fine selection of nuts and contemporary savouries,which were much appreciated,although Colin's oblong blancmange was a tad watery compared with Martins strident metal kazoo improvisations

articulate mayhem live unforgiving comittment

they persuaded me towards them with promise of revealing their sonic secrets.they never did tell me!

beautifully traumatic.the bongo player is a first class nutbar.

The Public
The guitarist frightens me.i cant get enough!

Monkey Harris
I agree with Phil.The drummer is certainly class.He's also incredibly good looking and wise.

Super Mack Daddy
Still the best the island has to offer.

They’re a great band with real talent. No.5 has got a groove you could drive a tram down. Shame they were plagued by sound problems at the VEF, they deserve better. Oh, and the lead singer makes me go week at the knees…

their drummer is complete class...

Joey D
I nearly cried after seeing them for the first time...they are truley awesome.

Quite fantastic.When will these guys release something.Like the new direction also.

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