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28 October 2014

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Local History

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Flag of Sark.

The Flag of Sark

Sark's flag is the personal standard of the Seigneur who gave permission for the island to use it for the Island Games. It has been the island flag ever since.

The flag is white with the red Cross of St George which is a common theme through the island flags.

The red canton (the upper left corner) contains two yellow lions.

The canton is like the arms of Normandy, which the Channel Islands were part of until 1204.

The Sark flag started life as Dame Sibyl Hathaway's personal standard.

She was the Seigneur of Sark during the Second World War Occupation.

When the Island Games started Sark realised it needed a flag.

The current Sark Seigneur Michael Beaumont suggested that the Seigneurs Standard could be used.

It was adopted as the Sark Flag and has been used ever since.


It is recognised by the Flag Institute but not yet for flying on boats.

It is deemed officially as a 'defaced ensign' and was a subject for Sark Chief Pleas as recently as Easter 2003.


We were helped in producing this article by Paul Armogie in Sark and Michael Beaumont, the Seigneur of Sark.

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created: 22/07/2004

You are in: Guernsey > History > Local History > The Flag of Sark

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