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The Greek section aims to provide a distinctive, authoritative, reliable and dispassionate news and current affairs programme offer for customers in Greece and Cyprus and amongst the Greek speaking diaspora. Fully in line with the ethos and editorial integrity of the BBC it will provide information and analysis reflecting major world and regional events.

All BBC World Service programmes in Greek can be heard on FM on the frequencies of local stations with whom the Greek Section has re-broadcasting agreements.

Our principal re-broadcasting partners are SKY 100,4 FM in Greece and ANTENNA 102,7 and 103,7 FM in Cyprus. The Greek Section also provides programmes to Greek State Radio (ERA) and a number of private local stations in Greece, including Radio Crete 101,5 FM in Heraklion, Aghios Nikolaos 104,4 FM in Aghios Nikolaos, Radio Samos 102 FM in Samos, Topiki 103,5 FM in Trikala and Proto 99 FM in Mouzaki, Karditsa.

The Greek Section no longer broadcasts on Short Wave.


All times in Athens and Nicosia times

08.00- 08.20 Monday to Friday: on SKY and local stations in Greece; on ANTENNA in Cyprus. International and regional news and current affairs, interviews, the background to the day's lead stories and a review of leading European newspapers.

11.00 - 11.15 Monday to Friday: on SKY and local stations in Greece. News magazine with a broader agenda: News round-up followed by an outside view of stories in the headlines in Greece and Cyprus and short features on sport, the arts, health, living in London and the Greeks of the Diaspora.

15.00 - 15.15 Monday to Friday: on SKY and local stations in Greece. News and current affairs with a regional accent: the day's developing stories through the eyes of BBC correspondents in the Balkans and the rest of the world.

17.00 -- 17.15 Monday to Friday: on SKY in Greece. Magazine programme with a lighter touch and a strong emphasis on human interest stories.

18.15 -- 18.30 Monday to Friday: on ANTENNA in Cyprus. News and current affairs with a regional accent.

20.30 - 20.45 Monday to Friday: on ERA 1 and local stations in Greece; on ANTENNA in Cyprus News round-up: An extended international news bulletin and despatches from BBC correspondents

15.00 - 15.15 Saturday: on SKY and local stations in Greece; on ANTENNA in Cyprus World Periscope: An in-depth analysis of the week's leading issues in the news; plus special anniversary features.

15.00 - 15.15 Sunday: on SKY and local stations in Greece; on ANTENNA in Cyprus On the Banks of the Thames: 15 minutes of arts and culture from London and the UK.

In addition to these programmes the Greek Section provides directly and exclusively to SKY in Greece 3-minutes international news bulletins, on the hour, every hour, from 09.00 in the morning to 21.00 in the evening, Monday to Friday.


The Greek Section currently has seven full-time and four part-time producers and four to five regular freelance contributors, all based in Bush House in London. In addition, the Section has its own extensive network of correspondents:

Nikos Frangopoulos in Belgrade

Petros Stangos in Bonn

George Daratos in Brussels

Alkis Kourkoulas in Istanbul

Paris Potamitis in Nicosia

Maria Denaxa in Paris

Thanassis Kalfas in Strasbourg

Theodoros Andreadis-Syngelakis in Rome

Marina Vichou in Skopje

Boyko Borissov in Sofia

Ilir Paco in Tirana

Kostas Argyros in Vienna

Notis Papadopoulos in Washington

Thanassis Avgerinos in Moscow

You can contact us

by phone: 00-44-171-557 2324

Or by fax 00-44-171-240 3292

Or you can write to the Editor at this address: Babis Metaxas BBC World Service,
Greek Section 227 North East,
Bush House Strand,
London WC2B 4PH
United Kingdom

or, by e-mail


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