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This page lists all available downloads for Glow.

The combined size of the JavaScript and CSS files in the library is around 60k, when served using a gzip enabled web server. If you are not using any Glow widgets the file size will be significantly smaller.


Once you have downloaded the version of Glow you want, you may want to read the documentation on how to start using it.

Version Download Date Description
2.0.0-beta1 tgz | zip 14.06.10 First beta release for Glow 2.0.0
2.0.0-alpha1 tgz | zip 25.02.10 First alpha release for Glow 2.0.0
1.7.7 tgz | zip 07.07.11 Patches to Glow AutoSuggest widget and dragdrop module.
1.7.6 tgz | zip 04.05.11 Check stylesheets have href before using it.
1.7.5 tgz | zip 18.02.11 Revert change that breaks panel positioning in 1.7.4.
1.7.4 tgz | zip 14.02.11 Editor bugfix. cache buster policy alignment.
1.7.3 tgz | zip 26.04.10 Net module additions, misc bug fixes
1.7.2 tgz | zip 27.01.10 glow.anim.slideDown() regression fix
1.7.1 tgz | zip 26.01.10 AutoSuggest, Carousel, Net, DOM & other bug fixes
1.7.0 tgz | zip 14.10.09 New NodeList, AutoSuggest & Editor features, plus bug fixes
1.7.0-rc1 tgz | zip 05.10.09 First release candidate for version 1.7.0
1.6.1 tgz | zip 09.09.09 NodeList, Sortable, Editor & Forms bug fixes
1.6.0 tgz | zip 24.08.09 Internationalisation, accessibility improvements and many bug fixes
1.6.0-rc2 tgz | zip 17.08.09 Second release candidate for version 1.6.0
1.6.0-rc1 tgz | zip 10.08.09 Release candidate for version 1.6.0
1.5.1 tgz | zip 07.07.09 Revert a change to glow.anim.css
1.5.0 tgz | zip 06.07.09 Open source release
1.5.0-rc2 tgz | zip 29.06.09 Second release candidate for open source version
1.5.0-rc1 tgz | zip 25.06.09 First release candidate for open source version

Older versions

Version 1.5.0 is the first open source release of Glow.

All previous versions were for use on and are not available for download.


Gloader provides an alternative way of loading Glow, and is available as a separate download.

Version Download Date Description
0.1.2 tgz | zip 29.08.17 Fixed domready issue with PS3 Netfront
0.1.1 tgz | zip 29.08.10 Fixed memory leak bug in Safari
0.1.0 tgz | zip 29.06.09 Open source version
0.1.0-rc2 tgz | zip 29.06.09 Second release candidate for open source version
0.1.0-rc1 tgz | zip 25.06.09 First release candidate for open source version

API Quick Reference

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