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Version 1.7 About

What's new?

Glow 1.7 contains many new features and bug fixes. A summary of the most important are below, but for the full list see the changelog.

This version focuses on stability, we have fixed a number of bugs that been outstanding for a while, and a few new ones too. There are also a some new features in the DOM module that should make development a bit easier.

The core glow.dom.NodeList class gets a range of new methods:

The AutoSuggest widget also receives a bit of attention. We have made a few UI bug fixes, changed the behaviour of the left/right keys to be more consistent with other autosuggest interfaces, added more events and the option to filter the model data before it is displayed and provided a way to control the caching of data from URLs.

Rich text editing got a bit more useful in Glow 1.7 with the addition of heading and lists formatting options to the Editor widget.

The net module's get() and post() methods now have an option to force the response to be treated as XML, even if the server sends back the wrong mime type.

Last but not least, we have also improved our accessibility features. The Overlay widget now prevents focus from going to other elements when set to "modal", InfoPanel has better ARIA support and the Slider widget has more intuitive keyboard access for screenreader users.



  • glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Fixes for IE9.


  • glow.widgets.Panel - Check stylesheets have href before using it.


  • glow.widgets.Overlay - Revert fix positional issue which caused mask to grow too big as it breaks Barlesque


  • glow.widgets.Editor - Fix wrong variable name in editor widget
  • - Changing cachebusting param to fit in with BBC S&Gs
  • glow.widgets.Carousel - Documentation update
  • glow.widgets.Overlay - Fix positional issue which caused mask to grow too big
  • glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Fix to default ID
  • glow.widgets.Sortable - Fixed 'sort' firing when last item is picked up but not moved to a different position


  • glow - Fixed issue with two instances of Glow clashing
  • - Added x-domain request support (thanks to Tom Yandell)
  • - Added PUT & DELETE support (thanks to Gilles Ruppert & Max Noé)
  • glow.widgets.Draggable - Fixed constructor onAfterDrop shortcut
  • glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Made options object truly optional
  • glow.anim - Corrected return value for fadeOut()


  • - loadScript() regression fix


  • glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Handle missing opts
  • glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Adding "id" & "classname" options
  • glow.widgets.Carousel - Handle text in first item
  • glow.widgets.Editor - Bad loop fix
  • glow.widgets.Overlay - returnTo() fix
  • glow.anim - slideDown() fix
  • glow.dom - html() param as number, clone() empty NodeList IE fix
  • - loadScript() memory usage regression fix
  • - Adding Header X-Requested-With: XmlHttpRequest to requests


  • glow.widgets.Autosuggest - Fixed bug that sometimes caused the suggestion list to be position off by 1 pixel
  • glow.widgets.Autosuggest - Added option to turn off selection of the completed text in the input element
  • glow.widgets.Mask - Fixed issue that causes IE6 to get into a resize event loop
  • glow.dom - Changing method for getting document size to correct IE issue
  • glow.embed - Added documentation for isSupported


  • glow.lang.interpolate - Added option to escape HTML from data object
  • / post - Added 'forceXml' option to treat any file as XML
  • glow.dom.create - Added option to escape HTML from interpolated data object
  • glow.dom.NodeList#ancestors - New method to get all ancestors of a NodeList
  • glow.dom.NodeList#data / removeData - New methods to associate data with nodes
  • glow.dom.NodeList#scrollLeft / scrollTop - New methods to get / set scroll position of document / nodes
  • glow.dom.NodeList#wrap / unwrap - New methods to wrap elements inside another
  • glow.widgets.Overlay - Prevent focus going to other elements while modal overlay is shown
  • glow.widgets.Editor - Added ordered & unordered lists
  • glow.widgets.Editor - Added heading dropdown
  • glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Added 'useCache' option to cache results from the server
  • / post - Fixed IE issues when fetching file from local filesystem
  • glow.dom.NodeList#css - Fixing IE issues with relative CSS values
  • glow.dom.NodeList#html - Fixing IE issues with some elements (eg tables)
  • glow.forms.Form - Allowing email address to end in underscore, eg
  • glow.widgets.Carousel - Fixed pageNav after adding / removing items
  • glow.widgets.Carousel - Preventing user creating an empty carousel (rather than erroring)
  • glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Preventing suggestions hiding when left / right arrow keys are pressed
  • glow.widgets.InfoPanel - Improving ARIA support
  • glow.widgets.Slider - Allowing left / right arrow keys to navigate vertical slider (recommendation from ARIA spec)
  • glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Fixed minor bugs affecting suggestions list display

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