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Version 1.4 About

What's new?

Glow 1.4 adds two new widgets to our growing collection - Editor and Timetable. We've also listened to your feedback and added some helpers to make common animations easier to apply. Oh, and squashed some bugs.

Timetable widget

The new Timetable widget is designed for displaying time based information in a scrollable, draggable grid - you just provide the data and we do the hard work of laying it all out in the page. You can add separate "tracks" of items, headers, footers, scales, banding, labelled scrollbars, and choose between vertical and horizontal orientations.

The display of item data in the widget is entirely up to you, with a range of templating options available. We have also updated glow.lang.interpolate to provide access to deep object properties, which makes this even easier.

Editor widget

Want to add rich text editing to your forms? Well now you can with our new Editor widget. At the moment you can apply bold, italic and strikethrough formatting to text, but we will extend the range of options to include lists, blockquotes, hyperlinks and more in a future version.

Although the interface is quite simple, there's quite a lot going on underneath the hood. We handle the various styles of markup different browsers create and convert them to consistent, clean XHTML. Users can also paste in text from other applications such as Microsoft Word, and we will clean up the resulting tag soup, retaining the formatting that the Editor supports.

Animation helpers

By popular request we have added some animation helper functions to glow.anim. These allow you to quickly apply animation effects to elements without needing to worry about calculating element heights and other such irksome details.

  • fadeIn
  • fadeOut
  • fadeTo
  • highlight
  • slideDown
  • slideToggle
  • slideUp

API Quick Reference

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